Thin pancakes with milk are the English version of traditional lush Russian pancakes baked with yeast. In Europe, pancakes have the appearance of thin, almost transparent napkins. In France, they are called “crepes” and are served with hundreds of different fillings. There are no special tricks in cooking: the thinner the dough, the thinner the pancakes are. Openwork option in the hole, it will turn out, if part of the milk from the recipe is added to the dough a little hot. Before pouring the first pancake, it is necessary to ignite the pan well. The pancake is ready when it begins to turn red to crispy edges.

Wheat flour 400 g
Sugar 2 tablespoons
4 egg eggs
Milk 1 l
Salt on the tip of a knife
Vegetable oil 2 tablespoons

Beat eggs with sugar.
Gradually add flour and salt, alternating with milk and gently stir until smooth.
Leave for 20 minutes.
Add vegetable oil to the dough and fry the pancakes in a hot pan.

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