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About Mary

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Hi everyone and welcome to my Forever Healthy You website. My name is Mary and The Health Industry has been a passion of mine since I was in high school and over the years I have purchased numerous health products in the health industry to try to improve my overall health as well as my mind and body.

Being a kid and growing up in California, I was raised to eat everything on my plate which included dessert. We had three meals a day, snacks in between each meal and oh yes a dessert at dinner. I got used to eating this way for a very long time and saw myself gaining weight over the years. I had limited resources in terms of eating healthy, exercising, and on how to relax my mind and body.doughnut, dessert, junk food,

Often times I found myself in my room crying and thinking about what I am doing wrong. After spending many hours of thinking about the different ways I can improve my health I found some ways to help me get better at eating healthy, exercising and how to relax my mind and body. This usually came in the form of eating healthy foods, exercising regularly and using the many ways to relax.

Now I want to give back.

fruit, vegetable, healthy, foodOver the years I’ve learned a lot about proper eating habits, exercising techniques and stress control. This helped me improve my overall health. I want to offer others some insight into many of these as well as provide individuals with updated tips, recipes and the many ways to relax the mind and body techniques that the real experts are using these days.

In my opinion I think we all need is a little motivation and some guidance. Sometime we all need a little push here and there. Someone to keep us company while we work out.


I am creating this website to find others like me to share with the same health goals. We will be accountable for each other. We will share and help each discovery a better healthier life. Come together and discuss our plans on eating healthier, exercising and healthy relaxing techniques. 

  • Where we can share events that our happening in our lives, make life long goals, share ideas, facts, stories, tips, accomplishments, recipes and more…
  • We can empower each other and take a journey together to become healthier and happier.
  • Where we can have all the practical tools and resources for us that want to be healthy and feel better.

Some Topic to be Shared

  • Importance of Good Health
  • Improving Our Health
  • Steps to Improve Our Health
  • Steps to Improve Our Life
  • How to Make Better Choices

Share Your Story

  • I want to know how things are going on with you?
  • What is your biggest challenge in life?
  • What keeps you motivated?
  • How do you feel?
  • What do you want to read or talk about?

A Little Story About My Life.

womenGrowing up I was always bigger than the other kids. In fact when I was a teen I was about 160 lbs. In my family, where being big busted women and overweight was a problem. I always felt that I had to work harder and do whatever it took to gain that extra edge on the family history.

We are always competing and comparing ourselves to others like the models that we see in the magazines and on TV. Trying to impress our families, friends and neighbors enough to be put into the spotlight in our community.

So how is our performance and the knowledge we know of important?

I literally used to spend hours thinking about my health, practicing good eating habits, exercising methods, and how to relax my mind and body. I have learned from videos, CD’s, DVD’s, watching TV, listening to the radio, watching others and reading lots of books.

I would spend hours working on ways to improve my mind and body. Many years later and many health products purchased, books that I have read and many watched videos that were made to improve our health. There are obviously genetic limitations to your success, but when we follow individual that have already done it, acknowledge that anything can be overcome, that good workout ethic and hard work can truly lead to our success in a healthy lifestyle just as we all can in anything in life.

Health LifeStyles Has Changed.

In today busy world our health has taken a backseat to other daily priorities. The health world has gone from a state of unhealthy lifestyles for years to healthy lifestyles being the most critical element to a successful healthy life. We see people eating healthy, exercising, losing weight and becoming healthier individuals. We definitely do see individuals that can become stronger with their mind and bodies.

Different body types and body positions require different techniques but ultimately using your core and the fundamental of all successes these days is on the ability to achieve healthier choices, weight, stress levels and endurance.

The healthy lifestyle has changed and so does the way we need to implement good healthy habits to our healthy lifestyle.

The content that I’m going to be discussing here is going to be centered around improving our overall health, with an underlying focus always being on healthy eating, relaxing our mind and body, and on how we our properly using techniques to improve our health.


Consistency with Resistance Leads To Better Results.

planning, goals, togetherThere is no point in rushing your results it will only lead to failure. Setting short and long term goals will lead results. Set yourself up to a life plan. You need to give yourself time to design a life plan. Find a system that works for you that keeps you motivated and focused in the right direction.resistance, training, exercise

Consistency with resistance will lead to better results. A lot can be accomplished in an hour at the gym, taking a walk, working out at home, making healthy food choices, and taking time out of your busy day to relax. This can lead to a better healthy life, education and skills for better strength, balance, solutions to your health issues and ultimately the overall health of your mind and body.


That’s why I created Forever Healthy You so we can walk this journey together and where we can come together and help each other.

I will do my best to get the information you need in a timely matter.

Let’s take that road together!!!

Life is too short and Family is so important to us.

The way to healthy living is making all the small steps.

A healthy lifestyle is a way of life long effects.

So, Lets make these changes together!

Just To Be Clear

I am neither a certified nutritionist, dietitian or a personal trainer. I am an average mom who has a desire to help people with some or all the same issue that I have. I enjoy working out, eating healthy foods, relaxing my mind and body, and spending time with my family.

If you are ready to stick around and make these changes with me, we will find the information we need to help each other get started on our road to a healthy life.

****If you already workout you will find lots of useful information and you will continue to improving your healthy habits. All opinions shared are mine and other individuals.

*** Please consult a physician before making any changes in your diet or, hospital

So have a look around and if you have anything to share in respect to building your own healthy life plan I would love to here it.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave them below in the comment section and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best in your journey to a happier and healthier life.

To your health,


Founder of Forever Healthy You


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Healthy For You – Good Health

We need to take our daily steps to a healthier life by having healthy  nutrition, getting exercise with proper techniques, going to sleep on time, getting a good night sleep as well as other changes. These are the steps we need to take so they can become a healthy habit. In the beginning of our journey to a healthy lifestyle it will be hard and frustrating but it is achievable. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication to make these changes. Our mindset needs to be on the goals that we want to achieve. These habits will improve over time and our overall health will make us feel great. Our bodies were not made in one day it took time for us to get this way. So it will take time to make the necessary changes together. Together we can help each other become healthier.

Importance of Good Health – Healthy Choices

The importance of good health is making healthy choices. This includes the daily food choices we make, the physical activity that we plan on doing for the day, and all other life events. We can include spiritual life, our up and down emotions which includes stress in our daily life, and of course our mental health. These can and will affect how we feel with ourselves and with each other. If we act upon these steps it will help us reach our goals and maintain our overall health. We need to practice good health every day. It will become a daily healthy habit and the benefits will improve our health. It will make us feel wonderful inside and out. This is not just a one time-action. It is a life long plan that will take a lot of changes and many steps. These good practices of good health vary for each person so

***Consult your doctor before making any changes.

Our Good Health -The People in Our Lives

Our good health is very important to the people we have in our lives. This includes family, friends and the people we work with. Our good health can be seen in how we act as individuals and how we are around others.  The people we are around are constantly looking at us. We are either showing them good habits or bad ones. We are either encouraging them to do right or not. People are always looking for someone to look up to.             So not having our good health we are not able to achieve our potential and this can hold us back from reaching our goals. This intern can lead to poor health for us and the love ones around us. We must understand that we need to know how to surround ourselves with motivated people that want the same as we do that way we canfocus, focused continue living a healthy life. After, accomplishing this we are going to be stronger and we will be able to help others do the same. Positive brings positive results. The worst thing we can do to ourselves is to listen to negative people and let them discourage us. We need to get to the root of our problem and then move forward. Stay focused on a good healthy life and continue to make healthy choices. Our good health is something that we can really achieve as long as we stay focused on what we want.

Basic Steps – To Improve Good Health

The basic steps to start improving our health are preparing healthy meals, snacks for ourselves and our family. Eating the proper amount of foods in each food group at the right time. Drinking plenty of water.

Proper waterexercising techniques. Getting sufficient amount of sleep. These small steps we take to improve our life goes a long way. Our bad habits may be hard at first to quit, but it is not impossible. It is never too late to start a healthy lifestyle. These basic steps to improve our good health is being able to take care of ourselves and others around us. If we are not able to take care of ourselves, how are we going to take care of other people in our lives.

Steps To Improve Our Life – Relaxing Techniques

The steps to improve our life is we need to work hard daily toward improving our level of health and wellness. So we can live a long full healthy life. Working daily to improve ourselves for a life of personal growth. We need tai chi, exercising, relaxing tecniquesto improve the quality of our life that relies on living a balanced life. We can also promote a holistic approach to our mind, body, and spirit. Not just encouraging our physical activity but we can also encourage mentally and spiritually too. This can involve aromatherapy with essential oils, perfumes and scented candles. It can include body posture and movements. We can reconnect ourselves to mother nature. We can listen to soft relaxing music and soft tones while doing yoga, stretching techniques or meditation. There are also dance classes we can get involve with, special community events, groups secession and activities that we can join to help with our overall health.

Our Healthy Lifestyles – Healthy Person

In maintaining our healthy life is not just about looking and feeling good. It is about being an overall healthy healthy, food, vegetable, fruitperson. If we live a healthy life with lots of good food that includes fruits, vegetables, protein and grains, lots of fluids, exercise using special techniques, and sleeping well, we will have an over reaching effect on our physical appearance, our mental health, and even on our emotional state of mind, body and spirit. When all of these steps have been achieved:

  • We will be and stay energetic.
  • Have a clear bill of health.
  • Feel confident in the way see ourselves.
  • Be emotional stable.
  • Look and feel better.
  • Be productive in our day to day healthy lifestyle.

It took us a lifetime to reach the health level that we are at now, so now lets take our steps to get healthier together. This journey with take some time so be patient.

If you have any questions or concerns please leave your comments below and I will get back with you as soon as I can.

To your health,