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Healthy For You – Good Health

We need to take our daily steps to a healthier life by having healthy  nutrition, getting exercise with proper techniques, going to sleep on time, getting a good night sleep as well as other changes. These are the steps we need to take so they can become a healthy habit. In the beginning of our journey to a healthy lifestyle it will be hard and frustrating but it is achievable. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication to make these changes. Our mindset needs to be on the goals that we want to achieve. These habits will improve over time and our overall health will make us feel great. Our bodies were not made in one day it took time for us to get this way. So it will take time to make the necessary changes together. Together we can help each other become healthier.

Importance of Good Health – Healthy Choices

The importance of good health is making healthy choices. This includes the daily food choices we make, the physical activity that we plan on doing for the day, and all other life events. We can include spiritual life, our up and down emotions which includes stress in our daily life, and of course our mental health. These can and will affect how we feel with ourselves and with each other. If we act upon these steps it will help us reach our goals and maintain our overall health. We need to practice good health every day. It will become a daily healthy habit and the benefits will improve our health. It will make us feel wonderful inside and out. This is not just a one time-action. It is a life long plan that will take a lot of changes and many steps. These good practices of good health vary for each person so

***Consult your doctor before making any changes.

Our Good Health -The People in Our Lives

Our good health is very important to the people we have in our lives. This includes family, friends and the people we work with. Our good health can be seen in how we act as individuals and how we are around others.  The people we are around are constantly looking at us. We are either showing them good habits or bad ones. We are either encouraging them to do right or not. People are always looking for someone to look up to.             So not having our good health we are not able to achieve our potential and this can hold us back from reaching our goals. This intern can lead to poor health for us and the love ones around us. We must understand that we need to know how to surround ourselves with motivated people that want the same as we do that way we canfocus, focused continue living a healthy life. After, accomplishing this we are going to be stronger and we will be able to help others do the same. Positive brings positive results. The worst thing we can do to ourselves is to listen to negative people and let them discourage us. We need to get to the root of our problem and then move forward. Stay focused on a good healthy life and continue to make healthy choices. Our good health is something that we can really achieve as long as we stay focused on what we want.

Basic Steps – To Improve Good Health

The basic steps to start improving our health are preparing healthy meals, snacks for ourselves and our family. Eating the proper amount of foods in each food group at the right time. Drinking plenty of water.

Proper waterexercising techniques. Getting sufficient amount of sleep. These small steps we take to improve our life goes a long way. Our bad habits may be hard at first to quit, but it is not impossible. It is never too late to start a healthy lifestyle. These basic steps to improve our good health is being able to take care of ourselves and others around us. If we are not able to take care of ourselves, how are we going to take care of other people in our lives.

Steps To Improve Our Life – Relaxing Techniques

The steps to improve our life is we need to work hard daily toward improving our level of health and wellness. So we can live a long full healthy life. Working daily to improve ourselves for a life of personal growth. We need tai chi, exercising, relaxing tecniquesto improve the quality of our life that relies on living a balanced life. We can also promote a holistic approach to our mind, body, and spirit. Not just encouraging our physical activity but we can also encourage mentally and spiritually too. This can involve aromatherapy with essential oils, perfumes and scented candles. It can include body posture and movements. We can reconnect ourselves to mother nature. We can listen to soft relaxing music and soft tones while doing yoga, stretching techniques or meditation. There are also dance classes we can get involve with, special community events, groups secession and activities that we can join to help with our overall health.

Our Healthy Lifestyles – Healthy Person

In maintaining our healthy life is not just about looking and feeling good. It is about being an overall healthy healthy, food, vegetable, fruitperson. If we live a healthy life with lots of good food that includes fruits, vegetables, protein and grains, lots of fluids, exercise using special techniques, and sleeping well, we will have an over reaching effect on our physical appearance, our mental health, and even on our emotional state of mind, body and spirit. When all of these steps have been achieved:

  • We will be and stay energetic.
  • Have a clear bill of health.
  • Feel confident in the way see ourselves.
  • Be emotional stable.
  • Look and feel better.
  • Be productive in our day to day healthy lifestyle.

It took us a lifetime to reach the health level that we are at now, so now lets take our steps to get healthier together. This journey with take some time so be patient.

If you have any questions or concerns please leave your comments below and I will get back with you as soon as I can.

To your health,



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Healthy For You – Relaxing

Our life can tend to feel like driving a race car so busy at times that we get overwhelmed and when this happens race, car, race car, lifewe need to know how to relax ourselves. We all have a lot going on is our day to day routine, including myself. We have to manage stuff like taking kids and picking up kids from school, cleaning the house, cooking healthy meals for our family, helping kids with their homework, managing the bills, taking care of other family members, being a taxi driver for your older kids and so on. The pressures of life can come at you at anytime and relaxing is very important to our health. Relaxing is healthy for all of us and it is very important to our bodies. When done correctly this will manage stress and anxiety that we have in our life. When our bodies feel stressed our muscles become tight, our heart and respiration increases, and other body system goes on alert. We need to give our bodies rest days so we can allow our muscles, nerves, bones, and tissue enough time to rebuild. All it takes is a few minutes out of our busy life to sit down or lay down and relax. This will benefit your overall health is so many ways.

Importance of Relaxing – Reduce Stress and Anxiety

The importance of relaxing can reduce stress and anxiety level to the point where we are completely calm. Relaxing can relieve anxiety and will keep it under control. We can improve our immune system by relaxing and this will help us not get sick all the time. This can have a quick effect on our energy so we can get more done. Our mood will improve so we don’t get irritated or get mad easily. Relaxing is important because it improves memory so we don’t forget important family events or appointments that occur in our life. It also improves concentration so we can remember stuff. The level of our anxiety will be controlled so we don’t over do it.

Why Is Relaxing Good For Us – Energizes Our Body

We need to do daily relaxation and it only takes minutes to improve our health. Be able to keep our stress levels down and we will be motivated to continue with our daily task. Not being stressed to finish everything. Be able to do our activities with ease and not stress ourselves. Unlike myself, I try to get everything done before I can relax but that never works out for me. I either don’t finish my tasks because I have a lot to do. I don’t finish and carries over to the next day. Taking relaxing breaks are great for our health. If you are able to take a short nap during the day that will help energize your body and improve your sleep. I do this and it helps me a lot especially as a mom of a family of eight. There are many things going around in my house. Going in and out of the house for various reasons like shopping, picking up medicines, doctor appointments, taking and picking up kids from work, taking and picking kids up from school. There are countless daily activities that we do in our lives. So why is relaxing good for us because it energizes our body and makes us feel good.

Ways We Can Relax – Well Balanced Life

We need to learn how to loosen up our bodies at every given moment. This means when we have a chance in our ever busy lifestyle we should take some time out of our schedule to relax. Taking this time out every day will help with our overall quality of a healthy life. These are only a few ways to have a balanced life. We can relax this includes doing relaxing technique which involve stretching and breathing, meditation for your mind and body, spiritual healing, aromatherapy oils, taking a nice hot bubble bath, drinking some relaxing tea, read a book of your choice, relaxing sounds, relaxing scents or Relaxing-Nature-Coastal-Viewsnice smelly candles, taking a walk around nature, listening to your favorite music or just eating your favorite food. There are all sorts of relaxing ideas and techniques that we can use to have a well-balanced life.

Health Benefits of Relaxing – Keeps Us Healthy

There are many health benefits of relaxing that will keep us healthy. Making our heart rate slower to where it is not going a mile a minute. Lowering our blood pressure so our chance of getting a heart attack decreases. Taking longer breaths so you don’t have a panic attack. Our digestion will improve so everything flows properly. Another benefit is it will help in maintaining a normal blood sugar level this will prevent complications. Other benefit is it will help in reducing muscle tension in our body and prevent us from getting our muscle tight. These are only a few health benefits of relaxing and keeping us healthy.

heartOur Health is Up to Us – Keeps Us Alive

Our daily activities will keep us very busy and feel like you are in a race car that is going 100 mph. and if we don’t take the time to relax our health will be compromised. We need to just take a few minutes out of our busy schedule to relax completely with no distractions. Not taking time out our bodies will suffer the complications. Our health is up to us and it depends on us to keep us alive longer. We need to dedicate every day to relax ourselves so we can continue with our life and be around for our family, friends and others. Life is too short and we need to take care of ourselves so we can take care of others. We only have this life. We need take care of ourselves by relaxing. By doing relaxing and breathing methods this will keep us healthy, strong and happy and intern give us a healthier life. Adding relaxing time in our daily life will be good for all of us. Our health is up to us and we can keep ourselves alive longer.


If you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to leave your comments below I will get back to you as soon as I can.

To your health,