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Healthy For You – Relaxing With Meditation

chakra, meditation, yogaMy life changed through meditation and this is the story. I am creative with a sensitive and emotional spirit. A person who is a push over and no voice. A habit of always doing things for people without thinking about myself. Which is a good thing don’t get me wrong but sometimes people like to take advantage of us when they can. The moment we show weakness that is when they get you. We all need to know our boundaries.

I love reading books about how we can be healthier and how we can improve, books on nutrition, cook books which gives us good healthy eating and of course, my favorite is reading and studying the bible.

My Busy Day – Everyday

Everyday started out by waking everyone up early. Sometimes it took me to tell them more than once. The younger daughter I helped get ready. I picked out her clothes, helped her get dressed, I put her hair into a pony tail. They would grab some snacks and eat breakfast at school. It took time for everyone to get ready. The first stop is my youngest daughter’s school, the next stop is my son’s high school and the last stop is my two older daughter’s college. Then I was back on the road and going home to wake up my husband. We drank coffee andcoffee, togeter, drink, cup breakfast together. This is the time we could sit down and talk to each other. Then we gave each other kisses and blessed each other to have a safe day. Then he was off to work I was reading my bible. When I finished reading, I Looked around the house and said to myself you got to be kidding me, a mess in every room that I had to clean up. Stuff to be put away, clothes to be picked up and put away, piles of clothes to be washed, sink full of dishes, sweeping and moping, clean the stove, clean refrigerator, wipe down everything, clean bathroom, living room because the younger daughter made a mess with her art stuff, fix up the bedroom and then cook dinner. This was my busy day every day.

I usually had the house cleaned and dinner ready before I picked up the kids. First I picked up my youngest and her friends and brought them home. Second I picked up my son and his friend and brought his friend home. clean, cleaning, houseMy last pick up are my two college students. My van was full of kids. I dropped off the younger daughter and her brother at home with their grandma. My older daughters would like to go shopping and do errands with me. We got home from shopping we would put the groceries away. At this time everyone was stressed and arguing because we had to put the stuff away in a hurry because my husband was coming home soon. Sometime it was being a referee.

food, dinner, beef, broccoli After getting everyone to calm down we getting ready for their dad to come home. We always made the point to have dinner together. I cleaned up after dinner. I help my younger daughter with her homework, help her take a shower and off to bed she goes. I checked to see if my son needed help. He usually did it by himself. Sometime I helped my two college students with their homework. At this time I have other household duties like wash, dry and fold clothes, sweep and mop. I am exhausted from the days work. I spend some time with my honey and off to bed we go.

This was a typical day in my house.

***This did not include running around paying bills and the many times we had doctor appointments, dental appointments, in and out of hospital for “So Called Emergency” at least once a month with our big family.

My Thoughts – To Myself

thinking, thoughts My thoughts to myself every day were, there’s got to be more to life than this. I felt like a robot like the one on the Jetson cartoons (back in the 80’s old school). I was doing everyone else chores around me and I was getting irritated, worn out, exhausted and I had lost touch of myself. Everyone life accomplishments seemed better than mine. I felt depressed, sad, ignored, and taken for granted. I was doing for everyone else except for myself. My thoughts were this is what a mother and wife should be doing. I didn’t feel like I was accomplishing anything. I felt like I didn’t have a life. No purpose. Not living just doing what I had to do.

Often times I would have discussion with my husband and he told me that I needed to tell the kids to help out. They were old enough to do their own stuff. He would tell my voice didn’t have a value. I got mad when he said that but it was true. My kids would not listen. They were always on their phones, watching movies or playing games. The older one worked so I didn’t ask her to help but she helped me anyways. The others would help but I had to argue with them before it got done. They said that they would do it later and later came and it was not done. This made me made because I wanted things to be done when I asked. My life was not going the way I wanted it to.

I Was Invisible – No Voice

I was invisible. No voice at all. Being a stay at home mom to with four beautiful and wonderful kids I came to an understanding that I had become a community driver and a salve to cleaning house. No longer in control of my goals and dreams. I was Living in another person’s life not my own. I thought to myself I am no longer going to be invisible and my voice will be heard. I had to make some changes. I made a decision it was time for a family meeting. I explained to everyone that they need to help around the house more so I can have some time to do what I wanted.speak, see, hear, monkeys

A Wakening – No Vision

I woke up one morning vision was blurred. I couldn’t see normally. My family’s faces were blurry. I couldn’t see to read, clean, cooking and especially driving. I had to buy stronger reading glasses so I could see. Being scared and not know what to do or what was going on. Later that morning shaking and feeling really nervous. I thought maybe I should check blood sugar level. Checking numbers often. Diet and exercise controlled my numbers. Knowing this runs in the family. Guess what??? My fasting glucose sky rocked to 458. This really made me worry because I never had my numbers that high before. My highest are between 140 to 160.

I told my husband what was happening to me and he said I need to go to the doctor. So I made an appointment. My doctor told me that my A1C was off the chart at 13% and I needed to take medicine to bring numbers down. He also said I need to release my stress level. Thinking to myself I am not taking this medicine. Treats one Meditation, chakra, yogathing and cause another. I went and got the medicine anyways and started to take them. I didn’t like taking my medicine because it makes my stomach hurt. My numbers went down a little but not too much. I kept thinking I need to find another way to bring numbers down. So I started to research. I already knew that diet and exercise helps. I found out that we can use certain herbs and spices would bring blood sugars down and that meditation can help us to relax which will help bring our stress level down and lower numbers.

***I am not telling you not to take your medicine***

***You need to talk to your doctor and find what is best for you***

My Spiritual Healing – Mind Over Our Body

My spiritual healing through meditation is coming with practicing and learning daily. My husband loves studying metaphysics, meditation and spiritual healing. It’s been his passion and he is always telling me that we can heal ourselves by thinking positive and that we need to get rid of the negative energy. He say it is our mind over our body. I always thought this was true but has been hard acting upon it being so busy. So he said I am going to heal you. I said okay. He started to teach me how to meditate. We started listening to sounds and vibrations together. We did some breathing techniques that helped me to release my tension I was feeling and helped me to relax. In our journey of meditation we met this very nice couple and they are helping and teaching us how to align our chakra. They showed us how to use a singing bowl. We bought one and took it home to singing bowl, bowl, meditation, yoga, chakrapractice meditation with it. By listening to the sound it helped all of us to relax. I practice daily to get in touch with my inner self. My vision started coming back. There are still some things I am not able to see but it is a lot better.

My Life Changed – Important To Relax and Meditate

My life has changed and my health has improved through meditation. I am still in the learning process about meditation. I know how important it is to relax every day. We need to take time out of our busy day to just relax. Relaxing can be in any form. Meditation is only one of many ways to relax. So let take the time to relax and we will feel a lot better.

If you have any questions or concerns please leave comment below and I will response as soon as I can.

To your health,





  1. Thank you for sharing your story, Mary. It’s an important read for a lot of people going through similar experiences. I’m glad that you have found the power of meditation and how beneficial is it for a healthy mind and body!!

    1. Hello Anrea, Thank you for visiting and your comments. I am working on getting better each day and strengthening my inner power through meditation. Again thank your visiting and come back soon.

  2. Beautiful story. Very helpful to others with similar problems and inspiring to everyone.
    It’s great to read how your health has improved and hope you continue on your journey to maintain and further improve.

    1. Hello Les Trow, Thank you for visiting and your comments. It is a step by step journey that I am taking. I hope that I am able to help others with the same issues. Again Thank you and hope you come back soon to visit.

  3. Thanks for being so open and vulnerable Mary, writing a post like this takes a lot of courage! I personally suffer from an anxiety disorder and depression, and learning some breathing exercises and basic meditation principles has helped me personally. I’m glad you have such an awesome husband that cares enough to teach you and that you’re open enough to try out some of these types of exercises and topics! Our minds are incredibly powerful tools that can be used to heal or used to harm if we’re not careful.

    1. Hello Jon, You are absolutely correct. I have learned in my journey that if we keep telling ourselves that we are sick we will eventually be sick. My husband calls it that we are putting fat powder in our minds. You put in good you get good. We are heard the saying stick and stone may break my bones but names will never hurt me. Well that is not true. Names do hurt and they can effect our mind and body. Thank you Jon for visiting and come back soon to visit.
      To your health,

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