Sugar Detox Ebook

Your entire hormone balance rests in blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity.
Taking charge of it is taking charge of your future. Don’t leave it up to your doctor
because you’re the one who has to live with it.


Today, the majority of the population suffers from too much sugar or not of sugar in our system. The medical community is wildly confused about the symptoms and how to treat it.

Signs of too much sugar, artificial flavors and
plenty of other chemicals lurking in our foods. If not treated, a slew of outcomes
can result with hypoglycemia or high blood sugar:
• Drug and alcohol addiction
• Depression
• Insulin resistance
• Type 2 diabetes
• Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
• Infertility
• Heart disease
• Cancer

The 3-Step Sugar Detox
I ultimately designed my own 3-step sugar detox. The goal was to stop sugar
dependency and restore my natural hormone balance. It looked like this:

1. Eat only three meals per day, consisting of 50% healthy fats – butter,
avocados, seeds, nuts, grass-fed beef, organic poultry, pastured pork,
fresh-caught fish – at each meal combined with vegetables and protein,
usually from eggs – not Jolly Ranchers. I also eliminated fruits, completely!
Fruit only makes the sugar addiction worse. Like having sugar flashbacks,
the body will fight you and start wanting processed sugar…Fortunately,
all the micronutrients you get from fruit can be obtained from vegetables.
Historically, fruit is only to be had minimally and seasonally, if at all.

2. Supplement with L-tryptophan to replenish feel-good molecules in the
brain that are depleted by sugar and to halt the sugar addiction.

3. Supplement with 500 to 1500mg of cinnamon daily to increase “sugar
sensitivity.” Doing so ensured that my body responded to naturally
occurring sugars from food.

It’s better to risk your life doing something you love, not sucking down sugar like a
glutton. Once you divorce yourself from this granular evil, your life and hormones
will change for the better.


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